Your only bike to transport
Croco crates
pelicanTrain, 2 configurations
- Vélo cargo avec remorque
- Vélo cargo
pelicanTrain - Moteur
Engine synchronization
Bike + Trailer
pelicanTrain - Vélo Cargo
Cargo of 1.5 m³
200kg per trailer

Cargo bikes for all business,
across all industries.

For each industry, we select the most relevant products on the market and ensure their service

Messaging & Last mile

We offer a complete range of bikes for courier services: from the scooter to the pelicanTrain with multiple trailers. All our products are selected for their robustness from the best European brands (Pelican & BKL) and we operate a service that meets the standards of quality and speed necessary for each company.
Bikes used by Urb-It or GLS
Up to 3m³ of cargo
Vélo messagerie Pelican

Maintenance services

PelicanTrain bikes and the BKL range of bicycles dedicated to cleanliness are the most complete offer for maintenance services in public areas: they allow the collection of waste with or without sorting, the transport of standard containers or even disinfection. BKL bikes have over 10 years of experience in this field.
10 years of experience with BKL bikes
For all road jobs
Vélo service d'entretien Pelican


Transport of goods, maintenance operations at the other end of the site or surveillance: cargo bikes also have their place in industrial sites. Our range of bikes makes it possible to respond to these challenges with products that are easy to handle and have characteristics that can be adapted to each environment, such as setting the maximum speed of the bike or the use of specific tires for particular surfaces.
The solution for moving to an industrial site
Flexible volume with or without trailer
Vélo industry Pelican


Our bikes are customizable to meet all trades: plumber, locksmith or even dry cleaner. We can adapt our boxes to your activity in order to offer you equipment that is at the service of your efficiency.
To intervene more quickly
Allows you to transport all your tools
Possibility to add a trailer
Vélo artisan Pelican


Our bikes and trailers allow you to transport all industry standards (croco boxes, Europe boxes) in the container of your choice: naked, in a passive cold box or even active (on request). The powerful engines and high-capacity batteries provide an XXL load capacity while maintaining unparalleled user comfort.
Croco or Europe case compatibility
Available for active or passive cooling
Vélo restaurant Pelican

Finally, a real revolution that is taking to the streets!

Change the way you do business. The cargo bike, your new super ally for your productivity.
134 gr
Camionnette et voiture et comparaison avec Vélo pelicanTrain
Vélo pelicanTrain en comparaison avec camionnette et voiture.
0 gr
2900 L
6 packages
10 colis
Embouteillage de voitures
10:00 Stuck in traffic jams, hard to find parking, driving illegally without a license...
Vélo avec remorque + Coursier livre un colis rapidement
10:00 Drive legally on bike paths, fast parking on sidewalks, drive legally without a license.
10 packages
6 colis
1. Estimated average for a diesel utility vehicle 2. 2022 Ford Connect load capacity. 3. PelicanTrain version 2 trailers 4. Source The Guradian

A tailor-made bike offer, designed for professionals.

Our experience in distribution and maintenance allows us to offer you the right answer to your needs.

Buying & renting a bike

The bike buying policy that's right for you
pelican longtail
Example for 1 pelicanTrain Sole bike

Short-term rental

15€ HT/day

Long term rental

80€ HT/month


4500€ HT


A complete offer to accompany the bike
Maintenence vélo


Our mechanics and partner workshops perform maintenance (preventive or corrective) according to the needs of your activity
Assurance vélo


Pelican offers financing or insurance services using its recognized partners
Formation vélo


We can train your delivery people to use cargo bikes or even your mechanics to be autonomous on maintenance
Gestion de flotte de vélo

Fleet Management

Our bikes are equipped with a connectivity solution that allows fleet management (tracking, maintenance planning)

Advice & Expertise

We help you define and deploy your cargo bike strategy in order to get the most out of it.
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