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The bike platform that adapts to any load
Modularité de toutes les configuraiton du vélo pelicanTrain
Cargo du vélo
From compact bike to  XXL volume
up to 3000L
with 2 trailers
Autonomie du vélo électrique
50 km
Autonomy at full load
Moteurs électrique sync entre remorque et vélo
Patented motor synchronization
Meets the electric bike regulation (EU)
2 x 111Nm
Synchronized bike and trailer motors
pelicanTrain platform

A new universe of possibilities: versatility and flexibility at the service of your activity

& Couriers
Mass retail
& industrials
& catering
Maintenance services

Messaging & Couriers

A unique bike for all tasks. With or without a trailer, it adapts to the various customers of last-mile delivery actors.
Motorized and braked modules
200 kg and 1.5 m3 per trailer
Remote monitoring and tracking

Mass retail

The pelicanTrain is fully compatible with retail Euro crocodile crates standard. The boxes fit on the bike (x3) and on the trailer (up to x16 or 200kg)
Up to 16 crocodile boxes per trailer
Open trailer or closed box

Craftsmen & Industrials

The bike alone is the perfect intervention vehicle: it carries 100kg of payload and several toolboxes on the sides to get to the site very quickly. In the PelicanTrain version, its trailer allows it to transport heavy equipment to be installed.
Bike only for interventions
With trailer for heavy loads

Quick-commerce & Catering

A modular bike to adapt to the various races of restaurateurs: in simple bike mode to quickly deliver small volumes or with a trailer to transport all types of products, including fresh (active or passive refrigeration).
By bike alone for deliveries Quick-Commerce
With refrigerated or insulated trailer for transportation of fresh goods

Maintenance services

A PelicanTrain for all maintenance tasks in public spaces. Modules on the trailer are available for various uses such as waste collection with or without sorting, garbage containers, bare flatbeds or sideboards for transport.
Several modules available
Up to 200 kg per trailer

The bike that meets the needs of the most demanding businesses.

Smart and efficient synchronization

Once connected, the bike and trailer sync to accelerate and brake at the same pace thanks to our patented technology. The 111Nm motors of the bike and the trailer make it possible to leave a parking lot with an 18% slope at full load.

Handles like a simple bike

Two compact wheels, a frame with classic shapes, the pelicanTrain maneuvers like a simple bike. And it's the same with a trailer since you don't feel its weight thanks to its clever synchronization with the bike.

Unrivaled modularity

The pelicanTrain has been designed to adapt to the changing needs of professionals in terms of their loading capacity. In the morning with 300L by bike alone or in the afternoon in an XXL 3000L convoy with two trailers. All this while keeping the same bike and interchangeability between the modules.

Safety first

Our solution includes parking brakes that are activated as soon as the bike stops and which are deactivated when the pedals are pressed. Finally, a safety brake immobilizes the trailer in case of disconnection with the bike.


It is a solution designed to meet the requirements of professionals. The structure is made of reinforced aluminum while the components (engines, batteries, brakes) come from suppliers dedicated to professional cargo vessels.
The Pelican service

Find the buying option that's right for you and the services you need.

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PelicanTrain bike
Short-term rental
15€ HT/day
Long term rental
45€ HT/month
4500€ HT
Purchase option
Pilot training
Unlimited mileage
Maintenence vélo

Maintenance & Training

Our mechanics and partner workshops perform maintenance (preventive or corrective) according to the needs of your activity, on a fixed-rate or job-by-job basis.
Assurance vélo


Pelican offers financing or insurance services using its recognized partners
Formation vélo


Let's train your team to use their new pelicanTrain and make the most of it, as well as riding as safely as possible.
Gestion de flotte de vélo

Fleet Management

Our bikes can be equipped with a connectivity solution that allows remote fleet management (usage data, maintenance schedule)
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